Saturday, November 21, 2009

mourning mode..

i just lost my 'best friend' a few days ago..still in mourning..her name is Farah Liana..she died in a accident..she was knocked down by a crazy drunk driver..i just can't believe it because it happened in front of my eyes..till today i can't get the image outta my's too tragic..

actually,the real story here is that..i haven't heard anything from her since April..but 2 weeks ago she emailed me.I'm quite shocked because I've been trying to find her everywhere.she used to be one of my housemates..but because of her silly mistakes,she moved out.i didn't kicked her out of the house but she wanted to be alone and handle her problems herself.i tried to stop her but..

on her email,she did mention to me that she thankful to have a friend like me n she knew that all along I've always be there for her because she knew my story n i know hers.she also did mentioned that she wanted to see me and wanted to talk to me about's been a long time since i last met, we did met at our favorite place.she seemed to me like a different person at that,we talked and talked for hours..

the things that she wanted to talk to me,I'm sorry i can't mention it's her last wish and's kinda private.i need to give her a lil respect although now, she's gone..

Farah,smoga taubat u diterima Allah,roh u dicucuri rahmat-Nya & u berada di kalangan org2 yg beriman..amin..i'll hold on to your last wish as hard as i can..insyallh...

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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