Wednesday, October 14, 2009


just turning in to 9teen last 11th oct 2009...i knoe that this particular tym is very crucial for those who are in uni life isn't it..its the 'final season'..kinda lyk its the final countdown..haha..for me,mine will b on 28th nov onwards..i dun hav much tym anymore..huhu..ryt now,im done with certain things & sbmitted my assgments on tym..there are lots more to 2 weeks i'll have my public speaking.i am not quite ready with it..but im pretty sure i can do it..lyk my mom used to say to me always.."without effort we'll be goin nowhere" it up!there are more things to be updated...OMG..need more tym..i'll update more on my bday tym mayb on the next post do wait for it ok..

my dear friend,iqa..
sowyla i dsturb u with my calls & evrything on that day..
i knoe dat its not 'the perfect tym to call u' ok?
i just wanna to say hi..then dat day plak WAS MY okla.
i xtaw la plak tym 2 u bz & hectic glewr..smpai ur life pn miserable sgt2..hope dat u'll do great in your finals..
and take care ok?dh nk finals nie jga diri lek lok..jgn dmam2 lg taw!
hope to c u very soon..maybe by end of this year..
do keep in touch k?luv ya syg..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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