Tuesday, September 1, 2009

need a lil protection...huhu..


need protection..asap..huhu..there goes my dirty lil secret..now..dh de org taw my weaknesses..huhu..NO!!!!since last 2 days,evrytym de je yg ske usik & messin with me.dorg dh taw i nie melatah..TIDAK!!! igtkn dlu tym2 high skewl je.ble dh abis high skewl,kte tot dh xde org nk usik kte.bleh la stop this 'melatah thing' huhu..last2 pecah jgk rahsia...OMG!!udah2 le usik kte..penat taw..give me a lil mercy k?kesian la kt kte nie.huhu..dh la dlm bulan puasa cmni..adoyaii..hopefully xmelarat sgt la.huhu..

anyone can help me reduce @ buang jauh2 penyakit ske melatah nie??
share ngan i k?really2 need help..asap..dh penat if evryday cmnie taw..huhu.. :(

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