Sunday, August 16, 2009

on the hospital bed..

by the exact tym i post this particular entry..i am on the hospital bed..& using naim's pretty sure how,y,when kind of question will pop up on your mind ryt? in still in a good shape..its just that i pushed too hard on myself.i need to slow down a bit..i need some rest!

as u all know,from my previous post..i got,all my assgments,papers,projects all i have to start all over again.k.repeat..ALL OVER,all my work now has been doubled..huhu..penat..but thank god,naim's here to help me.hehe..thanks dear..@ night pn sumtimes,he's waiting 4 me nice of him..but dont think too far ok.he's here for some reasons..helping me finished up my work and evrything & sumtimes we're just talking throughout the night.lots of stuff i know about him now from then.

back to the previous story..y am i on the hospital bed?hm...

i've been admitted to this hospital @ august 14th.i've been here bcoz during my lecture class,particularly my literature class..i suddenly passed out.i didn't know whats goin on afterwards..what i know is i woke up the next day,i was on the bed,with naim's sleeping ont the couch beside my first i was quite shocked to find out how come he's here & not my housemates or anything..(mmg btuah la dpt housemate cam glad sgt2..hishh..sengal la korg nieyhh..ske je kenakan i xpe2...ari ni ari korg..esk2 ari i plak.sbo je lew..hehe)doc said that i overworked..i need to take my time off for a few days + i suffers from a food poisoning+headaches+stomach ache..i stucked here bcoz yesterday i caught a very bad flu & now my nose is still doc,need to examine me for the influenza A H1N1 bcoz i got a lil symptoms on that particular case.NOT AGAIN..huhu..i think lately,i've been a kinda lyk a lab mouse la..huhu..


hope that i can get out from here soon..but its kinda great been here bcoz i can rest & hav a nice chit chat with the cute interns..hehe..pray for me to get better soon k!catch u all on the next post.bye!

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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