Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my lyf is ruined..huhu

i miss my lappy....huhu..its all in there...mr robbery man..if u ever had a heart somewhere inside u...please..just send me back my lappy...huhu..please...im beggin u..all my programs,my plans,my pics,my precious memories with my family & friends...all in there..its kinda like my personal life in that particular lappy..huhu..i cannot function properly without my other half..huhu..its ruined..u make my life miserable..i hav 2 start evrything all back...huhu..poor me..lagi la bertambah2 kerja i..huhu..ya allah,knape la byk sgt dugaan dlm idupku ini?ko tabahknlah diriku ini utk menjalani kehidupan ini ya allah..amin...

ps:not forgetting my syg,iqa..hope u'll get well soon ok!byk2 kn rest taw..take care aight!
i luv ya &mish ya lotts!!hugs & kisses from me!!..muachxx!!

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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