Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just got invaded..arghh!!!

tension2...its all i can say 4 nw...a lot of my stuff is gone missing!!!no!!!somebody call 911..huhu..
i lost my phone,my iphone,precious lappy...huhu..ya'll can say some of my gadget stuff just got stolen from my house...man..damn..some of my housemate pn de jgk yg lost fon,some money..arghh!!tension2!!..

fyi..b4 this invading stuff happened..a few weeks back..i thought that some1's following me..its kinda like a stalker.huhuhu..scary dowhh..then..a few anonymous calls callin' me but there's nobody nobody on the other line..adoyaii..takut seyhhh...i try talking bout this to naim..but then he said that maybe somebody wanted to prank me or something...just messin around with me..i didn't tell my family yet about this matter.just that xnk dorg wsaw la..besides,fasting month is just around the corner ryt?so..i think that i should keep it to myself dlu la..t la kowt bgtaw dorg..

just now,i got an email..i dont know from who..but ,the msg stated is that..
i think i was from a guy..i guess..huhu..he wanted to be friends with me & wanted to know bout me more.but i dont think so..its creepy la dude!!OMG..then,in that msg he said that he knew where im from & where i m ryt now..psycho btul la...huhu..takut...

ps:syg...help me!!! come & save me!!! huhu

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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