Monday, June 22, 2009

emotional distress..

i knoe that evrything always happen for a reason.i knoe dat sumtyms im a bit over myself.but i do knoe who i really am.i cant sleep well lately..there's so much goin on in my lyf.skang nie mmg of course i sdg membengkakkn diri i.memendamkn sumthing.huhu..just waiting 4 da ryt tym to let it all watch out k!!..waiting 4 the keyword..hehe..timing is evrything.

dont trouble the trouble if u dont want the trouble to trouble u!
what a great troublemaker u r!!poyo glewr..

i knoe that comin clean can cause a lot of damages..there's no reason 2 seek 4 forgiveness & there's no reason 2 be an idiot.its a noble thing 2 confess..and i really appreciate it if u not gonna be the bad person here.just waitin 4 the right moment.i dun wanna b the 1 that trigger about that 'thing'.i want u to come clean with me.its just that..the more things change,the it becomes the same.u,if u met the wrong person,ur life might be about it..don't wait till its too late..

p/s:family is not just about blood ties.its about who's livin in our hearts.the brain can c what ur heart wanna c..inside & is unpredictable,unstable & unacceptable aint over till its over.


*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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