Wednesday, May 27, 2009

im so sorry big brother..

along..achik nk mintak maaf sgt2 sbb xdpt blik 4 along pnye majlis nikah kt tangkak this 29th may..sorry sgt2 sbb achik xleh lpaskn achik pnye duty kt cnie..huhu..lgpn achik secretary club i hav 2 take part & for the tym being this is my 1st priority..or else..but dont worry ok..achik kt cnie dh chat walafiat..alhamdulilh..feelin much better now..walaupn assgments & reports smakin menimbun..
huhu..even though achik xleh nk dtg majlis nikah along kt tangkak this 2..i'll be home 4 the majlis sambut menantu kt umah kte ok?achik hope along xde la cuak sgt ok!just cool..and chill ok!!hehe..hopefully majlis tu berjalan lancar..insyallh..aminnn..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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