Thursday, April 16, 2009

a lil somethin 4 my special one..iqa..

a like a tissue when u can't stop crying
a like a soul when u feel like dying
a friend..always listens when u have something to say
a like a week when u need a day
a a crutch when u have a broken heart
a some glue when everything falls apart
a like a sun when the rain just won't stop
a like 'your mum' when u ran into a cop
a like a phone call when u can't leave your home
a friend.. is a hand when u feel all alone
a a wing if u want to fly
a friend..understands without knowing y
a an ear for a secret to tell
a an aspirin when your head hurts like hell..especially when the 'migrain' comes
a a love that can never let go
a you,and i wanted u to know that i love u damn much..
i hope that the FRIENDSHIP & the SISTERHOOD between u 'n' me is forever more... ** ^_^

true friends are the people who walk into our lives & no matter what happens they will never leave..

p/s:iqa,its just from my heart expressing what im feelin towards u & our friendship..actually,its your birthday present dear..sorry la a bit late..its just that i need a lil tym finishing it.its totally from my heart to u,my friend.well, happy belated 9teenth birthday yang..i hope u like it!comment la skit k? cme minor present jew..yg major 2..tggu i blik t k?hope 2 c u very soon yang!luv ya!

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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