Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm in REAL pain ryt now..huhu..

last 2 days,me & my housemates dh make a deal..kitorg akn kemas umah on dat day.seeing on the condition of the house..omg.totally wrecked up,bersepah.hehe..bwat malu je..nme pn pompuan..
hehe..aduyaii..dat one whole day kitorg kemas umah..the whole house.btw,i forgot to in the exam mode ryt nw..thats y kitorg kemas umah dat that umah kitorg bersih la & selesa for we all to revise & study together..

then,tgh syok2 kitorg kemas umah..ade uninvited guest dtg.aduyai..kitorg tgh sweating2 & berbau..xselesa la nk ajk dat sum1 masuk.then,my house mate,mia..juz halau je dat sum1..hehe..thank god!but i hope that person xde hard feelings towards us la.dh 2 dye dtg tym yg xssuai..nk bwat cmne aite?hope he understands..

u know what,dat particular day is just not a good day 4 worst nightmare is becoming more realistic nw.huhu..quite scary though..i picked up a box full of books & try na put it on top of the cupboard..agak berat jgk la box 2.then,out of nowhere..i heard a sound..omg!its coming my right shoulder!!!i just dislocated my right that tym,only god knows how hurtful it was for me... its unbearable..but thank god,mia was there & she's the one who help me hold the box.if not,i dunno whats gonna happen to me.

then,she takes me to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center..i dunno how i got dislocated my right shoulder.that tym,mmg panic glewr.dh la esoknye ade paper..aduhh..dh la terkehel plak bahu a right-handed person.aduhh..cmne la nk jwb paper nnt.after seeing dr reynolds,he fixed my shoulder right back to its normal place & bandaged my shoulder.then i kne pkai 'that thing' for about 2-3 weeks.dye ckp jgk sruh i rest byk2..especially my right hand.jgn byk bergerak sgt.then kitorg de appointment lagi 3 weeks.terseksa glewr la skang nie.mmg miserable glewr.nk write a few notes pn a bit difficult 4 me.but thank god,my lecturer understands my condition.they let me use my laptop to answer the paper.

fyi,i xbgtaw pn my family about 'this thing' t im afraid if they worried sick about me.n maybe they told me to come home.but nevertheless,so far im ok.its just my big deal least i can go & answer my xm paper like anybody else.the difference is that im the only one using my laptop to not skipping & im not dropping from the becoming more tougher person now.

p/s:that doc is kinda cute seeing his face,makes me in less pain..hehe..


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