Thursday, April 16, 2009

alamak..ade owg majuk ngan ktew la..huhu..

dat day,i kt airport klia..bout half an hour b4 my flight to US,i called 'this dude'.an old friend of mine..(im pretty sure iqa,u know who i meant here dont cha?hehe..)i kinda surprised call him.mamat nie agk tkejut jgkla.hehe..he tot i blik by the end of this year.then,dye ckp y xinform dye b4 i fly?huhu..aduyaii..majuk truss mamat nie..huhu..agak weird actually ngan mamat nie lately.he's so..emotional lately.idk y..act,i xsmpat pn blik umah..juz kt kl je for exactly 3 days..omg! (after smpai kt US blik,jet lag glewr..last2 cramp..penat glewr seyh..)then,2 days after that de quiz taw.huhu..mmg rush glewr la.i blik kl pn sbb a 'lil' stuff goin on.

back to the main story here..hehe..mamat nie frust glewr taw nk jmpe ngan i.dye nk story sumthing.dye nk share sumthing ngan i,but,i ask him,dye ckp xleh gtaw on the phone..(aikkk??cam plik jew..huhu..whats goin on dude??whats wrong??)aduyaii..mmg pity glewr la ngan mamat nie.n becoz of that i rse a lil bit guilt la towards him.he's one of my best 'guy' friends ever sesape yg bkenaan,im so..sorry.bkn i xnk gtaw i de blik,its juz that i de hal pnting sgt nk pn bkn i blik trengganu,just kl jew.xsmpat pn nk jmpe ngan family.just my sister yg stay kt kl yg smpat i jmpe..neway,maybe my big brother kawen t i'll try to come back home..n klu smpat,kte jmpe k?sorry sgt dude!

p/s:iqa,i know what u're thinkin hehe..what i need to stress here is that its nothin goin on between us k.but im quite curious pe F nk share with me 2.huhu..p i hope u jgn tnye pape la ngan mamat 2 k?please....huhuhu..just let me know it 1st from him k?promise?its a secret between us counting on u dear..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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