Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sometimes things just don't work out like we want to..

phew..just finished my play..its quite satisfying though..huhu..i express what im feelin right now through my drama club.huhu..its quite funny jgk la at 1st..hehe..the play is a about a rebellious kids one of those kids.the truth my class,i just write on my journal about my life.then adela someone nie..kinda curik bace taw pe yg i tulis ari2..aduhh.then,this someone,pnyela baik ati.tell my lecturer taw.then dorg recommend my journal 2 utk bwat 1 play for our drama club taw..aduiii..tension!!!huhu..dh byk kali dorg persuade me utk bwat this play taw..then at last.i give up..i bgla diorg permission to do the play..

the time has come 4 the casting for the play..dorg xjmpe2 jgk someone yg suitable be my part in the play..last2 dorg jgk pick me to be myself..OMG!!!i dunno what to do..then,i pn accept dorg pnye offer.haha..quite shocking is my acting is quite sucks u know..haha..agak kayu..stone..mcm2.hehe..the play is quite catch everyone's eyes.agak rmai jgk la yg dtg tgk ktorg pnye play that night..huhu..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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