Friday, April 3, 2009

need a lil break..just me tyme..

well...sorry la..a bit late on posting..lately bz wif xms.....huhu..
penat,letih, smua ada lil fight ngan housemate..bkn pe..just nk dye bkak mate je la..
bout what happen..aduyaii..pening tol ngan minah nie..last2 dye jgk yg mnx opinion kte..huhu..
pas2 minx tlong temankn de confront ngan parents dye..aduyaii...its a huge deal la..act,i xnk la de link with her probs..p nk wat cne..dye pn housemate i..kne la help her right??t if i plak yg de pretty sure she'll help.aite??klu x spe lg kn??

i dunno y,
i xley nk fully concerntrate on the lecture td,
and of course,mmg blur abis tyme lecture 2,
something was bothering my mind,
guess i dun have to mention bout it here,
i miss ...
but not too much..just a lil bit =p
lately,i've been praying a lot,
so that i'll be given some strength on what happened in my lyf,
i dun have to elaborate more on this. just put it a stop there.

cube dekatkan diri dengan-Nya,
syukur..sedikit sebanyak my mind free,
dpt hilangkan skit gundah gulana dalam hati ni,
ptg td pg jogging,
try to relax my mind,
jiwa tyme 2 mmg perghh..btol2 tenang,
Alhamdulillah..mmg berbaloi,
walaupun just for half an hour,
but it is worth..
eventhough ramai yg pertikaikan knape i still nk jogging ptg 2,
(at least bleh hang out ngan kwn2 kt mall ptg 2)
but that not is the reason..
yg pentingnye i enjoy myself very much,
jogging and music yg dapat kasi i tenang skang ney,
and of course..dun forget Him.

btw,spring break is just around the corner..can't wait to be free from all the books..hehe..
n i know a few days from now...someone i love soo..much is havin her birthday soon..hehe..
n i got a lil surprise 4 her..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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