Saturday, February 21, 2009

u needed me..

i cried a tear,u wiped it dry
i was confused,u cleared my mind
i sold my soul,u bought it back 4 me
and held me up and gave me dignity
somehow u needed me
u gave me strength to stand alone again
to face the world out on my own again
u put me high upon a pedestal
so high that i could almost see eternity
u needed me,u needed me

and i can't believe it's u
i can't believe it's true
i needed u and u were there
and i'll never leave,why should i leave?
i'd be a fool 'cause i finally
found someone who really cares

u held my hand when it was cold
when i was lost u took me home
u gave me hope when i was at the end
and turned my lies back into truth again
u even called me 'friend'

ps:im just expressing what im feelin rite now..


*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
|9:17 AM|

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