Friday, February 27, 2009

im freakin' pissed off !!!

my mom just called..i had a fight with so pissed off,frustrated,tense..its all in one..argh!!!i think i always had a migraine when it comes to my mom..huhu..just now,dye ckp yg i ni selfish person.i don't even think about someone else when i wanna do something..ikut hati je nk buat sumthin.yg paling i x tahan n i can't stand to hear from her,my own mother is that she said yg i ni anak yg xkenang budi..ske susahkn org lain la especially dye.(thats what she said though)..aduhh..arghh!!..bengang tol la..among my other siblings, i think i yg paling malang life sucks right now..ya allah..tolongla hambamu ini..i kinda like the ugly duckling @ the black sheep in the so freakin pissed off right freakin stressed out that my mom's been holding me back since..ever..argh..

and as for my mom..mama,achik arap mama bleh maafkan smua dosa2 achik,benda2 yg achik bwat mama sakit hati ke ape ke yg bwat mama xtahan.achik taw..achik ni mmg keras kepala skit,but im doing all this for myself.i hope u understand,mom..achik respect mama ngan abah because without u & dad i wont live until today..huhu..but whats done is done right??we can't turn back time.

im just a girl in a tough situation.i hope that maybe someday..someone can help & save me from this pain & sorrow.i know everything happens for a cool with that..

*[[ And they lived happily ever after... ]]*
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